40 Signs You Are a Sneakerhead

Here is a list of 40 signs that you are a sneakerhead. Chances are some of these apply to you. please comment if you have any additional signs that you are a sneakerhead.
  1. Instead of taking the shortcut through the dirt or grass, you chose to stay on the sidewalk because you do not want to take the risk of making your kicks dirty
  2. Somebody has told you that you have a problem, you admit it, but continue to buy more kicks
  3. You have attempted to "ice" a pair pair of Jordan 11's, Jordan 5's, or Foamposites at least 1 time
  4. You have waited in line Saturday morning before the store opens for a big release
  5. You have more shoes than your girl
  6. You have problems with where to store all your kicks and boxes
  7. You ask the question, "does it come with the OG box" when buying second hand from a person
  8. You still receive Eastbay in the mail
  9. 23 is one of your favorite numbers
  10. You have paid more than retail price for a pair of sneakers
  11. You have done the duck walk to prevent creasing the toe box of your favorite kicks
  12. You have reminders on your phone for sneaker releases
  13. You make shoe contact before eye contact
  14. You know roman numerals strictly because of Retro Jordans
  15. You keep the shoe box and any accessories that come with the shoe
  16. You check the weather to make sure it is a good day to rock your new kicks
  17. You can tell the difference between a real and fake pair of Jordans
  18. You own multiple products used for cleaning kicks
  19. You clean your kicks anytime they show some wear
  20. You are on first name basis with an employee at a sneaker store
  21. You have looked on eBay for a price check on kicks
  22. You have gotten really mad at somebody for accidentally stepping on your kicks
  23. You have thought about upping your internet speed so you can beat the bots
  24. You have found yourself contemplating spending a ridiculous amount of money on your "grail"
  25. You have uttered the words "I will just wait until those hit the sale rack or the Nike Outlet"
  26. The words "hypebeast, VNDS, deadstock, OG, Quickstrike, and bot" are in your vocabulary
  27. You can number every Jordan sneaker 1-23
  28. You saved popular sneakerhead hashtags in your Notes
  29. You have alerts on your phone from the Nike Twitter account
  30. You own a pair of "beaters" that you wear when you know there is a good chance your kicks will get dirty
  31. Your entire outfit is based on what shoes you are wearing
  32. You have set an alarm for the early Saturday release, added the item in your cart, still somehow missed out on the release, and swore to yourself that it was the last time you would try to cop a big release online
  33. You own 2 pairs of the same shoe and justify by saying "one to stock and one to rock"
  34. You have used a bot to cop a big release
  35. You purchased a good camera for your Instagram pictures
  36. You have resold a pair of kicks for more than the retail value
  37. You attend sneaker shows/expos
  38. You knew about the sneaker store Flight Club before Miley Cyrus sang it in her song "23"
  39. You have spent hours NikeID'ing a pair of kicks just for fun
  40. You have visited the best new sneaker website Dopefoot





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