All The Nike Air Jordan Commercials


Here is a little treat for everybody. All of the Nike Air Jordan commercials in one video. In 1985 Nike created Jordan Brand and completely changed the sneaker game forever.  After Sonny Vacarro convinced Nike CEO Phil Knight and the rest of Nike to invest heavily in Michael Jordan, they created a brand after him and it paid off big time. Notice how in the first couple commercials the Jordan Logo is different. On the Jordan 1's we can see the wings symbol which has now been replaced by the iconic Jumpman symbol. As Nike and Jordan moved forward, they used the help of Spike Lee and his Mars Blackmon character to even further promote the brand. Then we see Bugs Bunny and the success of Space Jam.  Michael Jordan's personality is unparalleled even today and who knows when we will see another athlete as marketable is the G.O.A.T. While the video quality is not as crisp as we would like, we should all appreciate the video compilation and see how Jordan Brand evolved over the years. What is your favorite commercial?

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