Dope 90's Basketball Sneakers

Dope 90's Basketball Sneakers

The 1990's are considered the golden era for basketball sneakers. Although 90's basketball was completely dominated by Michael Jordan, there were other NBA players releasing dope sneakers during this time as well.

Players like Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton, and Charles Barkley were signed with Nike while other NBA superstars like Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson were trying to pave the way for smaller brands like Adidas and Reebok.

Unlike the basketball sneakers released today, some of these could look good on and off the basketball court. Sneakers like the Nike Foamposite and Nike Air More Uptempo are retroed over and over again and this is not because they are great basketball sneakers.

There is no doubt that basketball sneakers are better for the athlete today. Brands invest heavily in research and development to make sure they release a sneaker that is going to allow the athlete to run faster, jump higher, and perform at their peak. Often times this means a sneaker design that does not look great off the court.

It could just be the nostalgia or do some of you agree that these 90's basketball sneakers look much cooler than the ones today. Below is the list of some of the best basketball sneakers during the 1990's. Which ones do you like or would like to see released again?

Player: Allen Iverson

Sneaker: Reebok Question

Year: 1996

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Player: Penny Hardaway

Sneaker: Nike Foamposite

Year: 1996

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Player: Scottie Pippen

Sneaker: Nike Air More Uptempo

Year: 1996

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Player: Charles Barkley

Sneaker: Nike Air Max 2 CB

Year: 1994

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Player: Gary Payton

Sneaker: Nike Zoom Flight Glove

Year: 1998

Player: Jason Kidd

Sneaker: Nike Zoom Flight 95

Year: 1995

Player: Kobe Bryant

Sneaker: Adidas KB8

Year: 1997

Player: Shawn Kemp

Sneaker: Reebok Kamikaze II

Year: 1996



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Yes there were some pretty dope kicks in the 90s and a lot of the times I think to myself that the shoes were definitely being made better then than they are now! Appearance and durability are your two categories, I guess they’re still as tough now as they were then only if they are equipped with the right material. t
They’ve changed so much. Jordan of course is still on top, they elease some cheesy fallback shoes sometimes but predominantly they are moving forward futuristically! Very sad, I think Adidas is really going in the wrong direction their shoes are becoming pointy and ugly, very ugly, especially when they let Kanye designer shoes, unbelievable, what are these guys thinking? Adidas, no doubt was better designed in the 90s! Everyone is so much further behind Nike and Michael Jordan but then again Michael is the goat…

Gary Wombles

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