How Does The Nike Vapor Max Feel On Foot

How Does The Nike Vapor Max Feel On Foot

Nike Air Max Day was on 3.26.17 and to celebrate their 30th anniversary since the release of the Air Max 1 in 1987, Nike released a new futuristic looking Air Max called the Nike Vapor Max. The Nike Vapor Max has largest air bag to date and the whole redesign and concept has the sneaker world wondering how do they feel.

The Nike Vapor Max fits true to size compared to other Nike's. The uppers are completely made up of flyknit, which is a woven material that forms around your feet and is extremely flexible and light. Think of it almost like putting on a sock. 

The air units are the most cushioned Air Max ever released. Since there a multiple air units, each unit has a different feel. On the heel you can expect more cushion and as you get closer to the toe, the air units feel a little stiffer.

All of that sounds great but everybody wants to know whether or not they are more or less comfortable than the Adidas Ultra Boost. The general consensus when comparing the two is that they are both very comfortable but different. The Adidas Ultra Boost has more cushion and the Nike Vapor Max is more springy. It is all a matter of preference so I will let you decide (my cop-out in saying which is better). Which one do you think is more comfortable? 

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