How To Find 100% Authentic Sneakers To Resell For A Profit And Make Money

How To Find 100% Authentic Sneakers To Resell For A Profit And Make Money

Finding 100% authentic sneakers to buy and resell for a profit is not as difficult as you may imagine. But first, you have to get rid of the idea that you will find some sneaker plug that will get you almost any sneaker you want, sometimes before release date, and of course under retail price. The "plug" does not exist. Say it with me "the plug does not exist".

But, there are plenty of legit sneaker stores that do exist. So, go these retail stores, sneaker boutiques, online websites, and brand outlets to find the sneakers that you can resell to make you some money.

Buying sneakers from retail stores to resell for a profit is called retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage is when you buy an item below market value and sell it for a higher price, profiting from the markup. It's a good way to make some extra cash but it's not a great option for everyone, especially someone who can't afford to take a loss or to hold on to inventory until it increases in value

What Are The Best Retail Stores For Flipping Sneakers?

Retail sneaker giants like Footlocker, Champs Sports, Footaction, And JD Sports are all great options. These are stores that you can find any practically in shopping mall in the United States. These stores receive most of the popular releases and sometimes even the limited editions. Increase your chances of buying a sneaker that is in high demand by signing up for their raffles. Each of the stores have apps that you can use to enter your chance to buy a huge release like adidas Yeezy or Jordan 1 High OG.

Smaller retail stores can be good too. Cities usually have sneaker boutiques with certified Nike and Jordan Brand Tier One and Quickstrike accounts. These stores get the rarest sneakers and collaborations but most of the time you will need to put in extra work to buy a new release worth flipping. Think "back door" aka retail + a little extra $ to the employee that can make it happen or waiting in line for long hours.

Where Can I Buy Sneakers For Wholesale Prices?

Technically wholesale prices are 50% off. So if a pair of Nike Air Max retails for $130 the retail store in paying the brand a wholesale price of $65 so they can mark it up for 100% and sell for retail at $130. Finding sneakers for 50% off or more is quite easy. You can buy a pair for wholesale or even better than wholesale price from the brand itself. Brands like Nike, adidas, PUMA, Under Armour and more have outlet stores and online stores where they have sales for over 50% off.
There should be an outlet mall close to you that has some of these brands outlet stores. Outlets are known for having great sales especially if you go at the right time. Sometimes there are store events with an additional percent off of an item that is already on clearance.
Speaking of clearance, brands need to clear their inventory out after nearly every season. Stores do not want to pile up inventory for years so they will drop the price more and more until the item is so cheap somebody eventually purchases the item. Maybe that somebody is you and you listed the item online and sold it for some profit.
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