How To Save Money Shipping Sneakers

Stop overpaying for shipping your sneakers. Here is a tutorial on how to save money shipping your sneakers. 

Sneaker Shipping

Step 1 (Getting a Shipping Box)

Finding a shipping box should NOT cost you any more than $1. In fact, they can be free. Finding a box can be as simple as re-using a box that you received from somebody else or ordering them from USPS. USPS Priority has a lot of different free boxes and they even have a Priority Mail Shoe Box that is free and you can order up to 25 at one time (only fits sneakers without the shoe box).

Another place to go for cheap boxes is Home Depot. Their small packaging boxes cost .74 cents. The boxes are a little deep so either cut the box with a box cutter and fold it down or stuff some paper/bubble wrap so the sneaker box does not get banged up in shipment.

The last place to go for shipping boxes is ULINE. If you need a lot of boxes and have to order in bulk they have pretty much every size box imaginable and offer good bulk discounts. The dimensions that are good for shipping sneakers are 16x10x6. 

Step 2 (Packing The Sneakers)

You are going to need tape, a tape gun, a printer, and maybe a box cutter. If you do not already have these things you maybe thinking it is a lot of money to spend to ship a pair of sneakers but all of these items are things you should have regardless. You can find tape guns on Amazon and eBay for as cheap as $8, shipping tape $2, and a box cutter for $4. 

Step 3 (Printing a Shipping Label)

If you sell your item through a 3rd party you can probably print the shipping label on that website. eBay, Amazon, Kixify, ect all have software built in that fills out the buyer's shipping information and all you have to do is click on a print label button. If you can not use this go over to and print a shipping label from there.

USPS Priority 2-3 Day Shipping is the recommended shipping service for shipping sneakers. Prices range anywhere from $8-$20 when you ship inside the United States. For an extra $2 you can get a signature confirmation. This is extra protection you have so you can make sure the person received the item and will help you in the case of a chargeback.

Unless, you have a business account stay away from UPS and Fed-Ex. Their prices are higher than USPS and it takes longer.

Step 4 (Sending the Package Out)

No more standing in lines. USPS allows you to schedule a pickup. That means you can ship a package without ever having to go to the post office. Fill out the form on the website and they will come to you and pick up the package. If you do not feel comfortable with that then go to USPS, find the drop box or walk up to the front counter and tell them you are dropping off a pre-paid package.

Hope this tutorial will help you in a ll of your future sneaker sales

Shipping sneaker boxes 


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