How To Start A Sneaker Collection - 10 Tips

How To Start A Sneaker Collection - 10 Tips

  1. Make sure your feet are done growing. You do not outgrow the kicks in your collection
  2. Find some source of income. Get a job. Find some work. Use some of the leftover money to buy sneakers.
  3. Buy to resell. If there is a huge sneaker release do everything you can to give yourself a chance to buy them. Enter as many raffles you can or even camp out if you have to. Resell the sneakers and use the profit to buy a sneaker to add to the collection
  4. Buy a pair of sneakers and do not wear them for a couple years. Deadstock Jordan, Nike, and Adidas sneakers are almost always worth more than retail after a few years. The hard part is making sure you do not wear them even once. Once the value of the sneakers has gone up, sell it, and use the profits to add another sneaker to the collection
  5. Know what you want to collect. Do you want a wide variety or a very specific collection? Sometimes the best collections are the ones that are only 1 type of sneaker. For example, collecting only Air Max or Ultra Boost or Jordan 11's. Know what your favorite sneaker is and try to collect all your favorite colorways
  6. Make sure you keep the sneakers in your collection clean. Beaters do not belong in your collection.
  7. Find steals and deals to help build your collection. Pick up a couple of those sneakers that you like that is on sale or go to the outlets. The more sneakers that you can add to the collection the better
  8. Find a good connection so you can get your hands on the exclusive sneakers or best deals
  9. Get 2 pairs of hype release. Sell 1 and keep 1 for yourself
  10. Go to some sneaker events like Sneakercon. Just make sure the sneakers are legit before you purchase 

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