Jordan Brand Athletes - The Non-NBA Edition

Jordan Brand Athletes - The Non-NBA Edition

Team Jordan - MLB, NFL, and More

Ever since Jordan Brand started in 1997, they have reached out to athletes in almost every other major sport. While you may be aware of some of the ballers wearing the latest Jordan's on the court, you may be surprised to hear about some of the other athletes signed to Jordan Brand.

Team Jordan Brand Athlete - Randy Moss Jordan 11 PE Cleats

Athletes in the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, soccer, and boxers all wear Jordan Brand sneakers while they play in their respected sports. Jordan Brand uses the same silhouette for the Retro Jordans but turns them into cleats that can be seen on MLB and NFL players. This year, we also saw Jordan Brand collaborate with a soccer player for the first time when they worked with Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr. The Neymar Jr. Jordan Collection featured a soccer cleat as well as a Jordan 5 Retro Low.

Jordan Brand Athlete - Neymar Jr Jordan Collection 5 Cleats

Being signed to Jordan Brand comes with its perks (an endless supply of free Jordans), but it also comes with a great deal of pressure. Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest athlete of all time, so when an athlete wears the Jumpman Logo, spectators expect the Jordan Brand athletes to be the star of the show. Some Team Jordan athletes soared to greatness while others faded into the abyss.

Let's take a look at some of the better Jordan Brand athletes and see what they wore while playing. Who were some of your favorite non-NBA Jordan Brand signed athletes?

1. Derek Jeter

New York Yankees SS Derek Jeter wearing a pair of Jordan 14 PE Cleats. Jeter is probably the best Jordan Brand athlete not named Michael Jordan

2. Randy Moss

Minnesota Vikings WR Randy Moss wearing a pair of Jordan 11 PE Cleats

3. CC Sabathia

New York Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia wearing a pair of Jordan 11 PE Cleats

4. Roy Jones Jr.

Boxer Roy Jones Junior wearing his signature boxing shoes

5. Earl Thomas

Seattle Seahawks Free Safety Earl Thomas wearing a pair of Jordan 7 PE Cleats

6. Andre Johnson

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson wearing a pair of Jordan 9 PE Cleats

7. Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboy's Wide Receiver Dez Bryant wearing a pair of Jordan 6 PE Cleats.

8. Neymar Jr.

Neymar's Nike Hypervenom NJR × Jordan cleats made it's Rio Olympic debut. Neymar Jr. was the first soccer player to collaborate with Jordan Brand

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