Nike Lebron 15 XV Basketball Performance Review

Nike Lebron 15 XV Basketball Performance Review

Lebron James signature sneaker for the 2017-2018 season is the Lebron 15 XV. Over the past few years the Nike Lebron sneaker series has not created much hype, but people seem to be very excited about the looks on the new silhouette of the Nike Lebron 15 XV. Lebron James was quoted as saying 

‘We’re back!’ We’re back and you just got to see the design. Just seeing the shoe back on Air is one of my favorite things, so I’m looking forward to everybody to get a glimpse of what we have coming"

So, the new Lebron is aesthetically more appealing but the hoopers want to know how do they feel on foot and what how are they performance wise on the basketball court.

Traction - The outsole is composed of pointy rubber triangles. These triangles allow for great traction going forwards and backward giving you the ability to stop on a dime. Although, when moving laterally/side to side, the traction is not as strong. 

Cushion - Nike decided to bring back the air max unit for the first time since the Lebron 10 X. They used articulated max zoom air. The air max pod is great for impact giving you another layer of protection as well as making you a tad bit taller due to the thick outsole/midsole. The cushion on this model is great. 

Materials - Nike used a material called battleknit which is very similar to the flyknit but much stronger and more durable. The knit material gives the sneaker a stylish sleek look while also making the weight of the sneaker lighter (16.5 ounces) than previous models. 

Fit - Length wise they run close to true to size but if you have a narrow fit you may want to go down 1/2 a size. The sneakers ride high and also have a high midsole, raising you off the ground quite a bit which could lead to some instability. The sneaker also has a sock-like feel with a stretch collar around the ankle.

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Video review by Nightwing2303 

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