Sneaker Technology: Adidas Ultra Boost

Everything You Need To Know About The Adidas Boost Technology

Adidas Boost technology has continued to gain in popularity ever since the first release in 2013. Sure, some of this has to do with Kanye West endorsing the Adidas Brand but that is not the only reason why. The extreme comfort and durability of the Boost technology is what makes it a game changer and here to stay for a longer time.

Adidas used a material called thermoplastic polyurethane (or TPU) to form tightly packed foam balls and then they meld these foam balls together to form a Boost midsole. 

Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Technology

The Boost is very flexible, soft, easily compressible, and highly elastic. Think of it almost like a durable sponge. When you take a step, the Boost absorbs the impact and as soon as you lift your foot off the ground, the Boost reverts back to its original shape. The technology works with your body's mechanics and responds to each person differently.

Up until very recently we only saw a white colored Adidas Boost midsole. There is a reason why. According to Adidas, if you paint or change the color of the white Boost, the composition changes, and the level of performance goes down.  After the release of the Adidas NMD triple black and triple red color-ways you have to wonder if the performance is any different or if Adidas just wanted the midsole to be white for other reasons.

Adidas NMD Boost Technology

Often times, soft materials used in sneakers do not have much longevity. They may be comfortable but over time they break down easily. This is not the case with the Adidas Boost. The Boost are made to last a long time and are very stable.

Innovation like this is exciting and it will be interesting to see what Nike does in response to the Boost technology. It has been around 3 years since the technology has been out and Adidas is quickly gaining in popularity among runners and sneakerheads. Hopefully, Nike or another brand is in the works of something spectacular so we can see even more progress in sneaker technology. 

Adidas NMD Boost Midsole


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