The Best Military Inspired Sneakers

The Best Military Inspired Sneakers

Today is Memorial Day, a day to honor the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending the United States in war. So, in honor of the day let's look at some military inspired kicks. Please note that these are not sneakers soldiers can wear in combat, they are just sneakers with colors and patterns similar to the ones you may see in the military.

Behind every Nike sneaker is a story and inspiration behind the design. Sometimes that inspiration comes from the United States Military Defense. The 5 different branches are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. The colors the fighters wear on their uniforms are usually either green or sand depending on the location of where they are fighting and if there is a design on the uniform it is some form of camouflage in order to blend in with the surroundings. 

Camouflage made it's way into the fashion world during the 1960's and can be seen on all different types of clothes and shoes today. We see military influences on sneakers and fashion all the time and sometimes wear it without even really thinking anything about it.

One of the most recognizable clothing brands in the world right now is a brand called A Bathing Ape. BAPE's entire brand and image is based on their dope camo design pattern. They put it on everything and anytime you see that BAPE camo on a sneaker you can be sure it will sell out fast. 

Nike is also notorious for releasing military inspired sneakers. We see the influences in everything from the green or sand camo on the Air Max to the fighter jet inspired Air Jordans or Foamposites. Usually, the Nike military inspired sneakers are very popular too. 

There is something primal in liking the camo pattern and it is why we see it in fashion and sneakers so much. A lot of people like wearing camo. So next time you wear a dope pair of camo kicks, remember that design was inspired by the military. Without going into too much detail on each shoe and what exactly in the military the inspiration came from, here is a list of the best looking military inspired sneakers.  What is your favorite? 

Foamposite Pro Army Camo

NIke Air Max 90 WarHawk

Nike Air Force 1 SF Special Field

Nike Air Max 90 Atmos Duck Camo

Jordan Take Flight Pack (Jordan 5, 8, 15 stealth)

Supreme x Jordan 5 Camo

Nike Air Max 1 SP Desert Camo

Nike Foamposite One Fighter Jet

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