The First Ever ComplexCon: What Is It and Who Will Be There?

ComplexCon will be kicking off one of the most unique and exciting events to hit LA in quite a while. Complex plans to bring together some of the best in music, fashion, and food and put them all under one roof.

This is the first convention Complex has ever hosted and it will take place this weekend November 5-6, in the Greater Los Angeles Area, at the Long Beach Convention Center. Complex teamed up with Pharrel Williams, Skrillex, and Takashi Murakami to create a festival that attracted some of the biggest names in today's music, fashion, and food scene. At the event, you will be able to listen to some live performances from rappers and DJ's, eat from some of LA's most famous restaurants, and shop at some of your favorite boutiques.  



The current lineup on night one includes Skrillex, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott and a guest DJ set by Virgil Abloh – performing on November 5th.  In addition, the daytime line up for both days will include performances by Little Yachty and The Sailing Team, Chief Keef (performing his first album, Finally Rich), Metro Boomin, Lolawolf, Spark Master Tape, Made in TYO, Tunji Ige, DJ Sliink, THEY., Cousin Stizz, Khalid, Smino, Jubilee, Chase B, Johan, and Ta’East.

On night two, November 6th, Snoop Dogg will perform in his childhood hometown Long Beach for the first time. Other artists include 2 Chainz and rap trio, Migos.


Some of the areas better chefs, restaurants, and food trucks will be vending at the event. Vendors include Fatburger, a fast food joint that rivals In-N-Out Burger for best fast food burger in LA. Others include Free Range LA, which is famous for serving a dish synonymous with LA, chicken & waffles. Bring your ID's because there will be booze available as well.


Some of the most popular streetwear fashion brands and boutiques will set up shop in the Long Beach Convention Center as well. You will be able to purchase anything from sneakers to streetwear fashion. You can expect to see a number of limited drops exclusive for the event. Be sure to show up early so you can have a chance for the big drops like the UNDFTD x Anti Social Club "Paranoid" Collection. 
UNDFTD x Anti Social Club Paranoid Complexcon Hat and Hoody
Complex built their whole brand and image around a group of like-minded individuals. These people tend to like hip hop, fashion, sneakers, and pop culture. In the past, all of these things were just sub-cultures. Now in the United States, these interests have all become mainstream and melded together.  Assuming the show is a success, you can expect ComplexCon to hit more large cities in the future.
Ticket information is available here
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