Top 5 Christmas Themed Nike Basketball Sneakers of All Time

Top 5 Christmas Themed Nike Basketball Sneakers of All Time

Every Christmas since 2009 Nike releases a Christmas themed basketball sneaker that is worn by the NBA player on Christmas Day. This year, Nike decided to stop the Chistmas basketball line after declining interest. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant were the big 3 during the peak of the Christmas Nike basketball sneakers series. After Kobe retired, Kyrie Irving replaced him and released his own Christmas sneaker.

As the years went on, the hype surrounding the Christmas basketball line fizzled out. With at least 3 different Christmas sneakers released every year, it was only a matter of time before the creative ideas disappeared. Here is the list of the top 5 Christmas themed Nike Basketball sneakers. Which ones do you like?

5. Nike Lebron 8 VIII V2 Christmas

  • Release Date: 12/26/2010
  • Style Code: 429676-600
  • Notes: On Christmas 2010, Lebron James wore these sneakers while defeating the Los Angeles Lakers and F'd around and had a triple-double (27,11,10). It is safe to say he had a good day.

    4. Nike KD 4 IV Christmas

    • Release Date: 12/26/2011
    • Style Code:  473679-700
    • Notes: The KD 4 is a very popular sneaker among Nike Basketball enthusiasts. On Christmas 2011 Kevin Durant and the Thunder defeated the Magic and Durant went on to score 30 points

      Photo by Sports Illustrated

      3. Nike Kobe 8 VIII System Christmas

      • Release Date: 12/26/2012
      • Style Code: 555035-030
      • Notes: These Kobe's are bright and look like the holiday lights on a Christmas tree. The mesh upper has the reptilian pattern colored with hints of red, white, and green. Kobe Bryant wore these sneakers while he lit it up the New York Knicks on Christmas 2012 with 34 points and a dub.

      2. Nike Lebron 7 VII Christmas

      • Release Date: 12/26/2009
      • Style Code: 375664 600
      • Notes: Lebron James wore these sneakers on Christmas 2009 and defeated the Lakers while scoring 26 points. The black and red 7's were the perfect match for the Miami Heat uniforms

        1. Nike Kobe 6 VI Grinch

        • Release Date: 12/26/2010
        • Style Code:
        • Notes: These are probably some of the most desirable Nike Basketball sneakers ever. They are a must for any Kobe collector. Kobe wore these sneakers on a Christmas 2011 matchup against Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Ironically, he did not ruin Christmas for his opponents as the Lakers lost.

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