USA vs China - Full Game Highlights | July 24, 2016 | Exhibition | 2016 USA Basketball Showcase

Score: USA (106) - China (57)

High Scorers - Kevin Durant (19), Klay Thomson (17)

Quick Observations

  • China's basketball team is a prime example of size not equating to success on the basketball court. Although the players stood taller than many of their USA matchups, they were too slow and could not shoot the ball well. How can a country with over 1 billion people not find 5 guys who can shoot the rock?
  • Fiba World rankings have USA at number 1 (obviously), Spain at 2, Lithuania at 3, and Argentina at 4. In case you missed it, Team USA defeated Argentina 111-74 in an exhibition game a few days ago. 
  • No Stephen Curry, no Lebron James, no problem
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