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    Looking to consign your new or used Nike, Jordan, Adidas, or Yeezy? will take high quality photos of your sneakers and list them on, eBay, Amazon, and Kixify. got over 390,000 views in 2016 and the eBay, Amazon, and Kixify accounts all have 100% feedback so your item will get listed higher in the search engines from a reputable seller. SneakerBinge pays for advertising (so you get free advertising) and will also do promotion on their social media pages (over 30k followers).

    Consignment cost is 15%

    All items MUST be 100% authentic. If you send items and they are fake you must pay for the return shipping.

    Step 1: Title the email Consignment and email photos and a list of what you want to consign to We will give you a quote on how much we will ask for the item

    Step 2: We list the items for sale on all of our platforms. These include, eBay, Kixify, and Amazon. 

    Step 3: You get paid. You get paid 85% of sale after all fees